High-Net-Worth Individuals and Families


Significant wealth events can take many forms: the sale of a business or property, an  inheritance, a lump-sum retirement payout, a divorce, a legal settlement or an exercise of stock options, to name a few.  Regardless of the form, the financial challenge is generally the same: your assets must be managed carefully to help you protect your wealth, provide income for your lifestyle and achieve your legacy planning objectives.

Statistics today tell us that people are living longer today than past generations.  Accordingly, a common concern for people is their ability to maintain their purchasing power throughout their retirement years.  This is a concern that affects the high net worth family as well and is why retirement income planning is a major focus of our client relationships and a component of every comprehensive annual review that we perform. To maximize the benefits of income planning, we reevaluate all liquid assets and the tax consequences of taking distributions from your various assets.  Taking this one step further, we adjust investment allocations to match lower risk investments with those needed to meet near term goals. Riskier assets are placed in accounts earmarked for longer term goals.

Investing in the capital markets means exposing yourself to many risks.  Since so much of  investing is beyond your control, we advocate managing the two aspects that are within your reach – fees and taxes.   There can be significant disparities in the cost of investments that may seem similar on the surface, and as such, we strive to find low cost alternatives at every stage of the asset allocation process.  And while we focus mainly on the merit of the investment being considered, we always consider the tax consequences arising from changes to your asset allocation.

As our clients enter their retirement years, estate planning becomes more important. Most people think of estate planning as maximizing the transfer from one generation to the next. If you are likely to leave a legacy, it is imperative that you plan wisely to make the most of your wealth transfer which often includes implementing sophisticated strategies in collaboration with our clients’ attorney.

Our relationship with Raymond James provides us with access to their trust department – Raymond James Trust, N.A.  Raymond James Trust has extensive experience with individual trusts as well as living, charitable remainder, life insurance and specialty trusts. Together we can develop personalized solutions to your specific needs that also provide you with the objectivity and resources of a corporate trustee.

When it’s part of a well-executed estate plan, charitable giving helps the organizations you are passionate about and can also generate personal tax benefits and advance your overall financial plan. We can help design solutions that include private family foundations, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift annuities, and pooled-income and donor-advised funds.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if you died today, would your family and beneficiaries know what goals and dreams you had for them? Would they know what was important to you or how you hope to be remembered? Is there anything more valuable that you could leave your family than this insight into your most personal thoughts and concerns? We believe that this is some of the most important planning you can do.   Kovalcik and Geraghty will help you do it.

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